Why does lawn maintenance cost so much? My local mower man could do it for much less. 

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Three reasons.  

1.     Your local mower man does not have to comply with the requirements of the NDIA and unless they did comply a compliant SDA Provider could not use them. Every person a compliant SDA Provider sends on-site MUST comply with ALL the same requirements as Registered NDIS Providers. This includes the mower man and the compliance overhead means the job will cost more.  

2.     The nature of SDA is that the trades a compliant SDA Provider sends to your house are not just there to get in, do the job and get out. They are often the only visitor the participant will have that day. So whether it’s a gardener, cleaner, plumber or electrician, all trades should be selected based on their ability to not only do the job but also provide great customer service to the participant. This may mean having a chat while they work; involving the participant in the job; and actually spending the time to ask the participant how they want their home to look.  

3.     If your participant is happy they will stay longer. The extra cost of fully compliant gardeners who provide Real SDA level customer service, is tiny in comparison to loss of income you suffer when participants leave. Members of the SDAPA understand this and their extremely low vacancy rates reflect this.

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