Why do SDAPA members allow my house to be used by participants on MTA (Medium Term, up to 90 day) Agreements? I only want SDA tenants. 

Category: What about MTA (Medium Term Accomodation)

MTA is Medium Term Accommodation similar in concept to a serviced apartment or Air BnB. Many participants need somewhere to go urgently while they wait for their SDA application to be processed. By allowing them into your property on MTA agreements your income flows faster and we also know that most MTA tenants will turn into long term SDA tenants.  If you instruct our members to NOT allow MTA tenants in your property they will respect this but only on the condition that you lose any rights to complain if your house is the last to be occupied. Owners who allow MTA ALWAYS have lower vacancy rates that those who do not allow MTA. 

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