Why am I paying for  xyz  maintenance item?

Categories: Owning SDA, SDA Outgoings

Why am I paying for  xyz  maintenance item? Isn’t this a tenant responsibility?  

If your tenant was paying you standard rental rates then yes. But your SDA tenant is paying many, many times above market. For instance, a 2 participant HPS house is about 4 times this at approximately $2,000/ week.  

You are being paid far above market for a reason. Covering some non-standard outgoings for people living in poverty is part of this reason.  SDAPA Members have low vacancy rates in part because they do this – participants are voting with the feet.

SDAPA Members are encouraged to itemise each small outgoing in your statements only so that you get the benefit of knowing how you have helped your tenants. If you would prefer to not know ,that is ok, they can give you a total for outgoings that is not itemised.  

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