When and how are SDA payments made?

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When are SDA payments made? 

The NDIA treats SDA payments the same as all other invoices they pay. So unlike traditional rent which is paid in advance all SDA payments can only be invoiced AFTER the service has been delivered. So at the end of each month our Members lodge a claim for payment. The NDIA then has 10 days to pay.  

What is the process you have to follow for SDA Payments? 

So the NDIS has finally provided an enrolment number for your dwelling.   

This means you are getting close to getting SDA payments.  

From here your SDA Housing Provider will: 

  1. Provide the number to the NDIS planner; 
  2. The NDIS planner uploads a quote request to our provider portal – sometimes a planner will want a letter of offer before creating this; 
  3. SDA Housing Provider provides a quote for the SDA 
  4. The NDIS accepts this quote (assuming it’s at the price guide limit so they have to) 
  5. The NDIS then issues a request for a service agreement; 
  6. SDA Housing Provider gives them the service agreement; 
  7. SDA Housing Provider can finally upload invoices for the SDA. 
  8. These are checked by the SDA Payments team and payments flow to our Members Trust Account usually within 10 days of the end of month.  
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