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Below are some case studies from our Members showing the real life frustrations that are part of every day life for a Compliant SDA Housing Provider.

Mr R case study 

Mr R is an existing tenant. 3 months ago he had an unscheduled plan review. This means he had a change of circumstance that had nothing to do with SDA but something to do with his other care needs. While SDA remains in his plan and is automatically included in a new plan … a new plan cancels all existing service bookings. A service booking is required in our SDA Provider Portal BEFORE we can claim any SDA payments.  

After repeatedly chasing for the last 3 months, a new quote and service booking automatically appeared in our portal today. This was backdated to when the previous plan expired so no income is lost … but there have been no payments in the last 3 months while we waited.  

Good news we can be paid now right? Not quite. The amounts written in the service booking are completely wrong so we need to go back to the support coordinator who in turn goes back to the NDIS Planner to find out why the amounts are wrong. Everything is correct on our side and nothing at the SDA level has changed.  

Mr A Case Study 

Mr A is an existing tenant. He is on his third unscheduled plan review in the last 4 months. As above for Mr R, every review cancels all existing bookings and takes away our ability to make claims until the new Service Booking is lodged by the NDIA Planner. 

Mr B Case 

Mr B moved into a property in April of 2021. He was lined up and had his entire support team working to get him out of hospital for 2 months before the property was built. He finally moved in 3 weeks after the property was handed over for management. It is now 4 months later and we have not received any SDA payments.  

In this case Mr B’s SDA approval is complete and ready for the Planner to lodge a Service Booking Request in our SDA Provider Portal … BUT the NDIS Planner needs to see the property in the portal BEFORE they can lodge the booking request.  

All documents required for registering the house were lodged on the day of handover. We are still waiting for registration to appear in our portal.  

In the same street one house was registered in 5 days. The other identical one that Mr B is in is still waiting. A complaint has been lodged so registration should only be a maximum of 4-6 weeks away. Then we will require the Planner to lodge a Service Booking Request, and then we can lodge the Service Booking, they accept, and then we can make claims for payment. 

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