An SDA tenant participant has been in my property for a long time. Why haven’t I been paid yet?

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An SDA tenant participant has been in my property for a long time. Why haven’t I been paid yet? 

This is the reality of SDA ownership. You have the benefits of higher income and security of payments but you also have the downside. The major downside of any dealing with a government department is time and inefficient (slow) systems.  

Holdups can happen on one or all of the following 3 stages. The property registration; the participants SDA application, registration and approval; and the NDIS Planners Service Booking stage.  

Property Registration – The SDA Housing Provider lodges your property for enrolment as soon as the build er and certifier supply us the documents we need. From here they are following up regularly but little can be done but to ensure the property is correctly displaying in our NDIS Portal. 

SDA Application for the Participant – The SDA Housing Provider (who is a member of the SDAPA) will only move an SDA Participant in before their approval has come through in very special cases where there is no risk of approval being denied. In this case you are getting the RRC (or maybe MTA payments) instead of an empty property.  

NDIS Planners Service Bookings – This is another situation where a good planner will have the process complete within a day but others could take weeks. Dealing with these frustrations is why you need a very experienced SDA Provider who knows when to wait and when to push. SDAPA Members are the best in the industry.

The SDA Housing Provider doesn’t get paid until you do so you can be assured they are doing all they can to speed up payments. We understand the temptation to email or call our Members every week for updates but all this does is slow them down. If you have not had an update it is because they are still waiting for an update to share.  

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