The SDA Providers Association strict standards for compliance and ethical behaviour means that NDIS participants can easily identify providers who operate ethically and are compliant.

Manage Our Own Properties

An SDA Provider must manage their own properties.  Outsourcing to a real estate agent or property manager to manage the property makes complying with the obligations of being an SDA Provider impossible.

No Agreements with SIL’s or Providers

SDA is someone’s home, not a workplace.  SDA Providers should never enter into an agreement with a SIL to be a preferred provider etc. Participants should always have full choice in who provides their support and the ability to change it on a whim.

Every Invitee to an Occupied SDA is a “Worker”

The SDA Rules are pretty clear that the strict compliance standards apply to every employee, contractor, sub-contractor & volunteer.  That means everyone from the person mowing the lawn to the person testing a smoke alarm must be inducted into the providers’ systems, have worker screening, police checks, have a mechanism for adapting their work to suit the participants and much much more.

Fit for Purpose Properties

We are vehemently opposed to the minimum standard cheap rubbish SDA that is being sold off to unwary investors.  SDA is fit for purpose.